Inveruglas in the snow

It’s Friday night. We drove the thirty or so miles from home to Inveruglas and we’re now parked up for the night in the long stay car park round the back of the coffee shop and right by the loch. Daisy is lovely and cosy, dinner is in the oven: quiche, onion rings and some fries. We’ve just had our Coquilles St Jacques, scallops shells filled with scallops, cream, mash and cheese. It was really delicious.

IMG_1282-1Here’s Janine in front of a heater and still insisting on a quilt and a fleece zipped up to her forehead. Admittedly it is quite cold outside and we did have quite an adventurous journey through a bit of a blizzard on the way down, but still, she’s taken that too far.

We both slept really well and although it was snowing, raining and frozen outside we were pretty snug.


Here’s Janine out in a onesy and a pair of boots. Embarassment? Oh aye. Pure riddy.


Here’s me and Che, up early so we could look at stuff from under the duvets.


Turns out Janine, in her red onesy, might have been out of the van checking on something. Look closely at the tree in the foreground. Yeah murder scene tape. She was all like “Oh we should go to Inveruglas. The place beside that we coffee shop is nice” and it is nice. Lovely. What she’s not telling me and Che though is that she’s brought us down here so she can check a murder scene out.

Shhhh. We’re gonnae keep an eye out and watch her next time we’re out in Daisy. Something is afoot, but not so afoot that we can’t have another wee snooze.


More info, gathered after a sooze. Where the bodies are probably buried….

Me and Che threw a few onion rings and a cookie out our bed window as a mark of respect for the victims.

@Inveruglas January 16th 2015


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